Our Story

Love. Empowerment. God. Acceptance. Cooking. Inclusion.

We are a blended family with a child with special needs. Life is far from normal as most see the word but we celebrate it because it is ours. Combined we have six children, each of them uniquely beautiful.

Our eighteen year old Wesley has deletions on his first chromosome which have resulted in severe cognitive impairment and autism. He has multiple medical complications and almost every type of physician follows him. He is non verbal and uses sign language to communicate. More than that, his hugs go straight to your soul. They are the type of hugs you expect to receive from someone you love deeply and haven’t seen in a long time only Wesley just met you.

We always feel strange when people say they are sorry to hear we have a child with special needs because we know we are blessed beyond measure. He has taught us more than anyone and he has never spoken a word. In his weakness he has taught us strength. He is love in its purest form. He is joy. He is ours. He is exactly as God meant him to be.

Steve has been in the restaurant business his entire life and is a phenomenal chef. We first met fourteen years ago. Life meandered and though our lives intersected it wasn’t until years after I became a widow and he became single that we formed our new normal together. We both traveled through hell and are grateful for every step it took to get through because it led us to this place.

Our lives focus on family, faith, and food. We say grace as we sit at the table together each night, a tradition that seems to be fading from our culture but one upon which we place the utmost import. We catch up on our day with one another. We laugh. And we eat so well. This is a glimpse into the world of how a family functions with a child with special needs.

Because of Wesley’s significant special needs, his food needs to be pureed into baby food texture. Most of our recipes are created with how well it will puree in mind so we can truly eat as a family. For us this is a major victory. We take nothing for granted. We choose joy.

We know you will find wonderful recipes and videos on our page. We pray you will grow to understand not just inclusion but celebration. Different does not mean less. Ever.

This is our dream and while we have a lot of learning and growing to do, we hope you will join us on this journey.

These truths are the cornerstone of our family

Kindness is free.

God never says oops.

Please contact us at legacieats@gmail.com

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