I is for Inclusion

November 18, 2019

Just before Wesley’s first birthday he was diagnosed with failure to thrive. At not even 14 pounds the only option to get him the nutrition he needed to live and to combat severe reflux, was to surgically place a gastronomy tube (g-tube). His first birthday was spent in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. For several years he was dependent 100 percent on tube feedings. Eventually he learned to eat but only food pureed to the consistency of baby food.

At l.e.g.a.c.i eats we believe part of the inclusion piece is Wesley being able to eat the same delicious food we do. All of our recipes are developed with his need in mind and each video will have pointers on how to utilize them for g-tube or pureed feedings.

Years ago it was impossible for Wesley to sit at the dinner table with us. He had to be spoon fed in a different room because of disruptions and the daily throwing of the food plate. After much work from the instructors at the Virginia Institute of Autism Wesley now sits with us at the table every night and feeds himself. He even holds hands with us as we pray, thanking God for the many blessings.

The journey from tube feedings to sitting at the dinner table was painstakingly slow. But those of us who live in the world of special needs know that progress, no matter the speed or the distance, is a major victory and should be celebrated it as such. It is in our home. So much.

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